Thank you

Thank you very much for participating at the Drupal Splash Awards and Drupal Splash Awards Apéro 2020. Two interesting evenings full of happiness, emotions and excitement (Splash Awards & Splash Awards Apéro) celebrating with the community, customers & agencies. In total we had 33 submissions and 5 categories plus awards for the Website of the year & Community Award. 

Attached you find the slides of Jürgen Haas from the Splash Awards Apéro: Slides 

Volunteers: If you are interested in becoming part of the Drupal Switzerland team, there are open positions in lead public relations, as a social media manager/Markeeter for the Splash Awards or as a Video Producer. You can get in contact with Miro Dietiker.

See you at the next Drupal Event! 

Your Drupal Splash Awards 2020 Events Committee!

Kai, Roy & Isabel