Drupal Splash Awards 2019 winners
During the Splash Awards, the best Drupal projects of the year are awarded. The Splash Awards, as with most in Drupal, is run almost entirely by Drupal community members with a lot of passion and voluntary efforts.

History of Splash Awards Switzerland

The event started in The Netherlands in 2015. In 2017 the first German Splash Awards were organized. Later in 2017 and in 2018 more and more countries started organizing a Splash Awards. During Drupal Europe, in September 2018 the first European Splash Awards was organized. As part of the Drupal Mountain Camp 2019, the first Swiss Splash Awards took place.

In Switzerland, the Splash Awards are organized by Drupal Events Switzerland with support from the Drupal Switzerland community.

Splash Awards Switzerland 2023

The Splash Awards Switzerland are returning in 2023 after a break caused by the pandemics. Former and new committee members are organising the next round with the awards cerenomy taking place on 21st of September.
With over 30 nominations and a diverse range of projects from the Swiss Drupal community the Splash Awards are back strong.

The organization comittee consists of:

Splash Awards Switzerland 2020

On 26th of November 2020, the Swiss Splash Awards were presented during an online award night. At the presentation of the desired glass drops, extraordinary Drupal projects and their developers have been presented to a wider public.

 Find out more  about the submissions, winners, and the award night.

Congratulations to all to winners, runner ups and nominees 2020. Big thanks to our jury members, our sponsors and our host Jam for making this an awesome award night! And of course thanks to all agencies that submitted those awesome cases!

Splash Awards Switzerland 2019

In 2019, the first Swiss Splash Awards Switzerland took place. Find out more  about the submissions, winners, and the award night.

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