Cardis Sotheby’s International Realty Decoupled Website

Case summary

Relaunch of a multilingual, decoupled real estate website with an advanced property search engine, and comprehensive agency and agent presentations.

Case description

This project involved the relaunch of a real estate company's website using a decoupled approach. It features an advanced real estate property search engine that allows users to search for properties in a highly customized manner. It also provides in-depth presentations of each agency and its agents, and includes rich content such as a magazine and SEO-friendly advice. All of this was accomplished while maintaining a site that is available in three languages. The project culminated in merging three websites into one central hub, simplifying user navigation and creating a unified brand presence.

Case goals and results

The relaunch had five key goals:
Persuade property owners to entrust their properties to the company.
Establish trust with potential buyers.
Reinforce Cardis as an expert, innovative brand in real estate.
Replace the old technical platform with an extendable stack.
Consolidate three websites into one:
Solutions included streamlining navigation, enhancing content presentation, and introducing multiple channels to sell properties. Upgrades included features such as expert highlights, an online estimator, and a unique service called "Partenaire Particulier." Lead acquisition was amplified, and property pages were emphasized to match user search criteria. Lastly, we upgraded the entire technical stack and integrated new APIs from the customer partner software.


Early in the project, we encountered limitations with the Drupal JSON:API module. To overcome this, we built custom REST endpoints. As one of our first large-scale decoupled projects, we learned much about frontend routing, error handling, internationalization, and caching strategies. We were one of the first clients to use the new IMMOMIG API and worked closely with them to fix some bugs. Although Drupal 9 was released during the project, we managed to keep our codebase up-to-date.

Community contributions

For this project, we wrote articles to assist our fellow developers with creating custom JsonAPI Endpoints (

We contributed to an improvement in the Drupal Core that was merged into Drupal 10.1 (Add more granular block content permissions) -> (

Our major contribution to the Drupal Core was the addition of a new granularity for block type permissions (

An important contribution to the Drupal ecosystem was our enhancement to add a new Rules allowing the latest versions of php-cs-fixer (widely used in the Symfony community) to be compatible with the Drupal Code Style. (

We also played a significant part in fixing a bug in Gin Login (



Why should this case win the splash awards?

The decoupled architecture, successful integration with the Immomig and Pricehubble APIs, and the adoption of advanced features such as the Virtual Showroom and Elastic Search speak volumes about our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and implementing advanced technical solutions.

The website demonstrates our ability to push boundaries and stay at the forefront of industry trends. It has combined design innovation with feature richness, providing a visually stunning platform that remains user-friendly and highly functional.

In summary, this project is an exemplary demonstration of technical prowess and innovative design. From complex back-end tasks to seamless user experiences, we've shown our capabilities across a broad spectrum of web development disciplines, making this project a worthy contender for the Splash Awards.