Hockey Club Davos / Spengler Cup rely on Drupal

Case summary

Hockey Club Davos is the Swiss record champions in ice hockey. The HCD not only needs power and endurance on the ice, they need it also in the digital world. The HCD has been relying on Drupal with since 2015.

Case description

The HCD has been using Drupal 7 since 2015. In 2019 the Spengler Cup was migrated to Drupal 8. Due to the HCD structure is really similar to the structure of Spengler Cup, we decided to build a multidomain page. So we used domain access to build this site.

Case goals and results

Very high traffic at certain points, so it has to be such a performant construct.
- Managed hosting is used at Hostpoint with Varnish and Redis.

App for Android and iOS
- We have developed a native app for Android and iOS which also has a push function integrated.

Automatic data transfer from the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF)
- Integration of the push / pull interface for all data (live data, schedule, ranking list, statistics, etc.) and all their teams.

Simple navigation through all content
- Building the website with UX / UI study

Integration of advertising space
- Due to the high traffic, advertising space can be sold on the website (additional income)

Social wall with Instagram / Twitter / Facebook
- Connection, direct integration of the social media channels used by the HCD.

Spectators should be better involved
- Spectators are able to do votings during the breaks.

For the new stadium in Davos, we need interfaces for all game data
- We setup interfaces for game data (result, statistics, ranking etc.). This interfaces are used for all screens in the stadium.

Game Center
- We build a Game Center, which shows all games, and all information during the games.

- The website updates without reloading the page. So the users are able to get the newest data, while they are on the website or app.


- With domain access in combination with Varnish, we had to adjust a few things so that the cache invalidator worked properly.
- In order to bring as many visitors as possible to the website, we have integrated push for Android, iOS and browser push, with the help of Firebase. Accordingly, automated pushes are sent for goals.
- Integration and processing of the data provided to us by the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF), this as PUSH and PULL. Accordingly, we had to store all of the content in a structured manner (foul, goal, statistics, games, rankings, etc.).
- Extension for the HCD, so that they can write a ticker themself in the Game Center.
- A NodeJS has been integrated with BrowserSync so that data can be updated without reload. Website visitors can leave the browser open, data will be updating using NodeJS real-time.
- We also used the Social Feed Fetcher. Due to the domain access, we had to rewrite all importers and set them up to be multi-domain capable.
- A voting for the break game was developed for gameification. A voting was set up accordingly, which was developed purely on the client side.

Community contributions

Due to the high sensitivity of the Spengler Cup and Hockey Club Davos, we have developed an autoupdater ( This automatically updates the Drupal core and community modules, which are marked as security updates. All of our projects now, are in this module.
We verified and created some patches that were required in the domain access area.


Hostpoint is a sponsor of the Hockey Club Davos. Accordingly, a managed server with Varnish configuration was provided.

Why should this case win the splash awards?

The example of the Hockey Club Davos and the Spengler Cup clearly shows how flexible Drupal is! The Hockey Club Davos is very grateful to the Drupal community and therefore supports the Drupal Mountain Camp every time.