La Foncière

Case summary

Revamp of From Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 with a new UX / Design.

Case description

La Foncière is a real-estate fund based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The goal was to refresh the site previously made in 2015, with a new content structure and a revisited design.

The content hierarchy and the goal of each pages were discuted, improved and designed by our UX Research.
The end result is a sophisticated, sleek and meticulus design.

Drupal 9 was a good candidate to power this website, the customer already knew the admin interface (Drupal 7) and Drupal is good fit for the Content Moderation and translation need of project.

Case goals and results

— Replace the old Drupal 7
— Rework the navigation and page content hierarchy
— The new website should match the new brand
— "Page builder": allow the possibility to create unique design page
— Data visualization (list of existing building on a map, charts, key numbers). Some data should be re-use and displayed in different context.


The main challenges was to match the expectation of the high fidelity design. Each pages has a unique design and we created a system to built these design in Drupal. Thanks to the help of the Paragraph module!

Main challenges:
— Identify and create modular content component (paragraph) to match the design
— Building on a map with cluster
— Workflow & Content Moderation
— Integration of different charts
— Content migration from a Drupal 7 to Drupal 9
— Short deadline

Community contributions

It was on of our first project using the recent release of Drupal 9 which was released a week after the beginning of the project.

For this project, we released a Capistrano recipes compatible with Drupal 9 for automated deployment:

We also ported the modules that we maintain to be compatibile with Drupal 9:

We also worked on the Drupal 9 readiness of editor_advanced_image:

Participating in the issue queue:



Why should this case win the splash awards?

It's a nice looking website with a great modular design system that manage a lot of different kind of data. We think it's a good reference for Drupal as we were used it at his full capacity!