New website for the Kudelski Group

Case summary

Development of a showcase site to present the company's services

Case description

Idéative assisted the Kudelski Group with the custom development of their worldwide portal site. Our team was responsible for front and back end development on Drupal 9, while optimizing the technical aspects relating to security. The project also included content migration and the creation of the company's annual report on a dedicated page.

The Kudelski Group provides digital access and security solutions, with its main areas of activity being digital television, cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.

Case goals and results

The goals for this project were multiple: firstly, it was a question of creating a 100% manageable, flexible site that could evolve according to the client's needs. Another important issue was security, given that the group specialises in this area. The front and back-end development of the site therefore involved numerous technical requests from the client. Finally, the creation of the annual report was an essential aspect of the project given that the company is listed on the Swiss stock exchange.

The results:
- a bespoke corporate site based on Drupal 9
- content migration
- creation of an annual report on a dedicated page


The main challenge was to give the customer the possibility of upgrading their site, without any constraints or technical limitations. Our team developed more than 40 types of blocks to meet the client's needs.

Community contributions

Given the current risks associated with security and cyber attacks in particular, this project demonstrates that Drupal technology can be used to design reliable, durable and robust solutions, even for digital environments with very high standards. Kudelski Group is an internationally renowned company, and this project will enable the Drupal community to shine by giving it greater visibility.


Infomaniak server in Geneva

Why should this case win the splash awards?

This project deserves recognition at the Splash Awards! Thanks to Drupal and our team of experts, we've created a 100% manageable site that allows an infinite number of possibilities. The only thing that can restrict the customer is their own content. We also believe that this project can inspire the rest of the Drupal community.