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Case summary

Pro Juventute has a new platform done in Drupal 8. The platform provides clear and easy accessible information to parents and encouraging donations.

Case description

The website of Pro Juventute Switzerland was based on a version of Typo3, which would soon reach the end of its life cycle, so a new website was needed. Furthermore, Pro Juventute decided on a new digital strategy, which defined a new focus and claim with regard to the organization's digital presence. Prior to the relaunch, the website was primarily perceived as a source of information about the organization itself and was correspondingly little used. Pro Juventute already offered online content specifically aimed at parents. However, this content was distributed across various systems and sub-domains. There was no central access. That’s when Liip steps in. We got to do the website relaunch and push not only the website but also its design and distribution of the content to the next level.

Case goals and results

Until now, Pro Juventute's information and offers have been distributed on various websites and sub websites. These sites were based on different content management systems with sometimes outdated versions. Last late summer Pro Juventute approached us with their request for a new website. The aim was to create a new platform on which parents would be optimally supported in their role as parents. The new site should be based on a CMS that is widely used and can cover the needs of all sub-sites. The aim of Pro Juventute was to make the most trustworthy platform for parents in Switzerland. Similar to the services offered by for children and young adults, Pro Juventute's new parents' platform was to be the digital access point for parents. All information should be centralized on one platform instead of umpteen different pages. Furthermore, the design was important too. Parents should get neutral and professional content from Pro Juventute to profit the most.

The platform should provide services that meet parents' needs and support and strengthen them in their role. It’s full of supportive content and guidance and best practise to be dynamic and helpful for parents. In order to establish as the most trustworthy platform for parents in Switzerland, a modern and appealing design was developed and implemented on the basis of Drupal 8 as MVP. In further steps, the platform will now be continuously developed on the basis of the feedback received and will be better adapted to the needs of the users. We’ve been aiming for a site based on a CMS, which is widely used and can cover the needs of all sub-sites. Thanks to the flexibility of Drupal this could be granted to the client.


Due to the different needs of the various stakeholders it was challenging getting on point first. The analysed stakeholders are parents, donors, Pro Juventute and the broader public. The focus was on the needs of parents in Switzerland. For this reason, the main goal was to make the information easily accessible and to provide an overview. Encouraging donations and make them possible with just a few clicks was a goal too. People who found help on should be asked to donate right away. Paragraphs are supporting the employees of Pro Juventute to be flexible in capturing their content. A dynamic way to publish content was the last aim. In order to move forward with all the above, we decided to develop an MVP in a few weeks. This helped to get rid of the old version of the website but also to move forward the agile way. After a few weeks we’ve been live with the first version and ever since we are evolving.

For a website aiming to support the information needs to be found easily. That is where our focus was. We tried to centralize information and invested in the categorization of information. Appealing visuals and a logic navigation have been key for that. As well as clusters and categories to browse through.

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Why should this case win the splash awards?

The platform for Pro Juventute doesn’t support one company or a small amount of people. With this project we are contributing to the society in Switzerland. Parenting is super tough and frustration is in all of us from time to time. This is when the platform helps. A lot of parenting forums or articles are helpful but it is super time-consuming to research if you need an answer now. is available for all parents anytime. The content is specific and easy to access. Information is found quickly and due to the navigation and the set up of the platform it can be the first source to contact for struggles. Struggle is real and the platform doesn’t get you in less struggle but it gives answers and support for questions every parent has.

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