Profond Website

Case summary

Total Redesign of the existing website founded on the good design system that allows further development and various content/design combinations being in good balance between ease of use, available possibilities and design consistency.

Case description

The Profond pension fund was founded in 1991 and is a Provider of occupational pension solutions
(2nd pillar) for small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland and has over 100 employees. Over 1800 companies in Switzerland with over 55 000 insured persons (professionals and pensioners) are customers of Profond. Profond's goal was to get a fresher and more emotional web presence and also leads the target groups to their desired information as quickly as possible.

Case goals and results

- Leader in digitization in the pension industry (customer benefits)
- Clear structuring of the contents
- Differentiation strategy through high customer benefit
- The appearance should be fresher and more emotional (but not extravagant)

The design is fresh and light with lots of white space and clear lines. Only the dominant red color and the Profond logo have been slightly adapted. An optimized user flow leads the different target groups faster to the information needed.


The customer's requirement was that he could easily build consistent, reusable and upgradable landing pages using variable smart design elements. The website provides all variations and combinations of different elements (also taken into account that users can not create system-critical errors by editing content/design elements). A handbook was made available to the users which explains how to use the design system properly.

Community contributions

Various module patches have been contributed.

Why should this case win the splash awards?

We believe that it’s a great case showing Drupal’s flexibility when it comes down to a smart Design System along with a modern UX.
Design system consists of a lot of different section types that are compatible with each other and that client can use themselves independently without any technical help. The right amount of flexibility and automatism in combination with a very detailed handbook for users provides the product that allows clients to express themselves yet keep the look-and-feel with the required design guidelines.