Website Relaunch of Terre des hommes based on Drupal 9

Case summary

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is an independent, neutral and impartial Swiss organisation dedicated to bringing about significant and lasting change in the lives of children worldwide.
Tdh wanted a new website that amplifies children’s voices and reflects their new strategy.

Case description

The former Tdh website, launched in 2016 and built in CMS Drupal 7, reached the end of its life.
Moreover, the former website no longer fully contributed to Tdh’s strategy for the upcoming years.

Tdh wants to attract more and younger donors, by simplifying online donations and providing an interactive website focusing on mobile use.
Furthermore, the website should build long-lasting relationships with Tdh's partners and supporters and show Tdhs impact on childrens' lives. Their goal was to highlight the voices and experiences of children, giving them a prominent role in our content and storytelling.

Once Tdh chose Liip as their partner, we started the UX phase by conducting user interviews, workshops and defining the (website) strategy..
We formulated this strategy into the current website, incl. design deliverables, SEO, analytics and content support.

Case goals and results

Apart from the technical need to upgrade the Tdh website, it was also critical to match the website with future goals.
The former website was hard to maintain content-wise, had too much (and sometimes outdated) information, and wasn't reflecting who Tdh wants to be regarding innovation. Therefore, different goals were defined at the start of this project;

First, the website had to contribute to the image/branding of Tdh positively.
As Tdh focuses on children, the entire design approach, including design elements, hand-drawn icons and illustrations emphasises the children-centric approach.

Secondly, the website should reflect the impact of donations / volunteering work / any support on the lives of the many children in need.
Therefore, we developed interactive elements with easy filters to visualise how users can help via Tdh.

Furthermore, we simplified the donation flow by integrating the payment tool Datatrans. This allowed Tdh to add new payment methods, e.g. Twint (a leading Swiss mobile payment tool) and Apple Pay to simplify this process.
The user data of donations and contact sign-up is sent through the CRM integration with CRM System Microsoft Dynamics.

For people to donate time, money or interest, Tdh must be trusted to spend these investments wisely. With the different design elements and streamlined content, the website is easy to navigate. We achieved simple user journeys, simple processes and intuitive navigation.


Tdh is a non-profit organisation with a focus on helping children and young people, especially those most at risk worldwide. This means that most of the income Tdh receives is spent on on helping children in need.
This logically meant that the budget for the website relaunch was limited.

Secondly, within Liip, we had a team of over ten people collaborate that had never worked with each other before. When pitching for the project, we hadn't foreseen this team composition and the additional required coordination.

Lastly, we hadn't clearly defined the MVP at the beginning of the project, as we were all so motivated to go the extra mile for this customer and didn't want to give in.

Community contributions

Tdh depends on various community projects that we improved during the development of the project by providing feedback in the issue queue and contributing patches on Important modules to be stated:
- Gin and its ecosystem modules for a better editorial experience
- Paragraphs for flexible content layouts
- Rokka module for optimized image handling

Why should this case win the splash awards?

That Liip once more has been chosen as a technical partner for an organisation such as Tdh is a huge honour anyway, especially when considering why Tdh chose Liip.

"In Liip, we have found a partner who shares our values in terms of sustainability, inclusion and progress. They understood our issues and challenges. With the move to Drupal 9, they helped us rejuvenate our website and improve the crucial aspect of online donations. They were also able to integrate themselves into our digital environment and make only changes that were necessary." - Joakim Löb, Tdh

We wanted to present the Tdh stories in a positive storytelling way; that's why the website reflects children's mindset, their passion and happiness.
The website also reflects what the impact of donations/volunteering work/any support has on the lives of the many children who received help from Tdh.
Having an optimal mobile responsive website that meets best practices in accessibility allows Tdh to reach a broader audience and build lasting relationships with their different target groups.
By reducing the number of pages and content, we guide the users through a website that has a clear overview and comes to the essence of Tdh; their contribution to making the world a bit better.
After all, Tdh can't do their work without the many kind supporters, and we are proud to have contributed to their success in our way.