Winners and Runner ups 2023

Video Recap Award Ceremony


The "Commerce" category spotlighted outstanding projects in e-commerce, emphasizing emotional impact, business relevance, and innovative design. Evaluation criteria included concept, execution, community impact, and technology integration.

Netnode emerged as the winner with the project Tamine Therme, captivating the Jury with its emotionally engaging content, distinctive design, and user-friendliness. Unanimously it was recognized for its exceptional design, making it a standout category winner.

The runner-up project, Swisstopo eCommerce, impressed with its user-friendly interface and interactive map for easy map ordering. Its contributions to the Drupal community and modern AWS hosting represents a forward-thinking government project.

International Businesses

In the "International Businesses" category, projects were assessed for global outreach and user engagement. Evaluation criteria included emotional connection, business viability, community impact, design, execution, innovation, and technology integration.

The winner, Global Website and Subsites Bystronic by Joinbox excelled in internationalization, SEO, emotions, and execution. Strong use of pattern library and Drupal paragraphs resulted in a consistent design, and the GeoIP2 database usage enhanced accessibility.

The runner-up project Perfect-match web portal for the ANAXAM Technology Transfer Center by Digitalution & Lemberg Solution impressed with emotional appeal, strong business case, and impactful client cases. Creative design choices included "Cards" for collaboration and captivating "ANAXAM Tour" graphics. 

National Businesses

In the "National Businesses" category, projects representing national-level businesses were assessed for emotions, business relevance, community impact, design, execution, innovation, and technology.

The winning project GRF - Relaunch Multisite by Unic showcased exceptional technology, design, and innovation, with an interactive map enhancing user experience. The project effectively utilized Drupal's multisite and multilingual capabilities, delivering a beautiful, immersive, and high-performing destination website that left a lasting impression on the Jury.

The runner-up project, Cardis Sotheby’s International Realty Decoupled Website by Antistatique impressed with simplicity, navigation ease, and stunning real estate visuals. The integration of Next.js and Drupal showcased technical prowess and streamlined content management across multiple sites. 


In the "Healthcare" category, the Jury evaluated projects addressing healthcare challenges with Drupal. These solutions effectively managed diverse audiences, integrated external systems, and presented content beautifully and user-friendly.

The winner, Relaunch of & by Amazee Labs, showcased Drupal's ability to handle complexity and large datasets. With 200 content editors, the site flawlessly manages its size and complexity and features modern technical setup, user-friendly mobile design, effective search, and attractive visual elements.

The runner-up, A Critical Drupal Transformation For Doctors Without Borders by Axelerant Technologies, site's clear and simple visual presentation of key messages without excessive clicking or text sets a great example of Drupal's impact in the healthcare sector for those in need.


In the "Solutions" category, the Jury recognized projects that presented innovative solutions, effective content management strategies, and user-centered design.

The category winner, Transgourmet - Content hub & app by iqual AG, showcased exemplary use of Drupal for systematic content organization and distribution. The platform manages thousands of content edits efficiently, supporting multiple brands in a central hub and allows omni-channel marketing ensuring a cohesive brand presence and customer engagement. 

The runner-up, athlete manager by AG, impressed with engaging graphics, user-friendly design, and a unique athlete's body overview. The project excelled in data management and confidentiality and its athlete-focused, app-like experience positioned it as a visionary solution.

Social / Non-Profit

This category showcases projects aimed to make a positive difference and effectively engage users through content and design. 

The winner, Caritas Schweiz Multi-Site Relaunch by Amazee Labs, stood out for its seamless functionality and user-friendliness, earning it a favorite among the Jury. It offers a pleasant browsing experience and creative details like the heart icon for donations. Caritas's project is a strong example of Drupal's capabilities, serving a meaningful cause.

The runner-up, A Critical Drupal Transformation For Doctors Without Borders by Axelerant Technologies, impressed with online fundraising, clear communication, and a helpful video. The clear design prioritized content and readability, showcasing technology's impact on humanitarian efforts.

Public Affairs / Government

In the "Public Affairs / Government" category, the Jury assessed projects related to government and public affairs. We had submissions from city websites to tourism and NGOs. 

The winner GRF - Relaunch Multisite by Unic impressed the jury with its  beauty, video header, and interactive map, offering an immersive experience. Its multisite setup serves diverse contexts and audiences. The progressive decoupling and contextual tourism features make it a standout Drupal platform.

The runner-up, Zürich Tourism by Liip AG, impressively migrated from Drupal 7 to headless Drupal 9, with innovative features like CDN, Nuxt.js, and GraphQL. Their focus on usability for both editors and mobile users is commendable. Zürich Tourism's continued reliance on Drupal is well-deserved.

Publishing / Media

In the "Publishing / Media" category, the Jury assessed projects that demonstrated excellence in presenting content, design, and functionality in the context of publishing and media.

The category winner, Relaunch of by Genossenschaft infolink, excelled in accessibility and user experience.The migration of an extensive archive of articles while preserving structure and style was commendable. Privacy by design and in-house development demonstrated dedication to control and tailored solutions.

The runner-up project, HC Davos Fan App by AG impressed by connecting ice hockey fans with the team. It was praised for usability, design, and real-time updates via responsive web app design. Authenticated users, robust performance and dynamic content updates through Next.js and JSON:API module demonstrated technical excellence.

Project of the year

The project of the year is the submission which scored the most points over all judging criterias. This year's winner was GRF - Relaunch Multisite by Unic. It displayed a multitude of excellent features, effectively utilized Drupal's multisite and multilingual capabilities and delivers a beautiful, immersive, and high-performing destination website.